How to Achieve Academic Success at Kennesaw State

How high will you soar? At Kennesaw State, student progress is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that with the right tools and educational opportunities, KSU students can achieve academic success and soar to new heights – both in the classroom and in their chosen fields. To help new and returning Owls succeed, we’ve created guided pathways to propel you on your way to graduation.

Ready to begin your student journey? Check out our guided pathways and peruse our KSU student success stories below. When you’re ready, connect with resources that can provide the lift you need to soar!


Pathway to Graduation

Student Success Initiatives

At KSU, students find their wings to pursue their academic goals and career aspirations in an inclusive educational environment.  The KSU community works with students to mentor, empower, and guide them by providing opportunities to develop holistically — personally, intellectually, and professionally.  We foster a sense of belonging by celebrating student achievement and building self-efficacy to overcome obstacles.  At all stages of their academic and professional journeys, we help students make meaningful applications of their learning so that they become economically viable, civically engaged, lifelong learners, and influential alumni.

If you’re a student, take a look at the opportunities that follow:

Get Involved

KSU offers a number of ways for you to find a way to connect and expand your experience whether you’re a first-year student, a returning or transfer student, or one of our students well on their way toward graduation.                                                                                      

Move Ahead

KSU makes it easy for you to move toward graduation quickly with the following resources:

Find Community

KSU is home to many partnerships and initiatives designed to help you find a community of students with similar academic goals:

If you’re an academic professional, discover KSU Success Teams:

KSU makes certain all faculty and staff have a way to express their dedication to student success.  This calls for initiatives like those listed below:

Student Success Council

KSU’s commitment to student success is made tangible through the work of the Student Success Council.  Faculty and staff across campus combine our expertise and perspectives to foster consistency in the ways that we describe, demonstrate, measure, and value student success.  We recognize the importance of developing students holistically — personally, intellectually, and professionally — in an inclusive learning environment.  Thus, together, the KSU community mentors, empowers, and guides students along their journeys from admission through graduation. 

Student Success Stories