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Words like Alcohol and Other Drugs, Addiction, Substance Misuse, Alcoholism, Eating Disorders and Recovery conjure many different kinds of feelings, affected by culture, socioeconomics, age, religion, experience, and many other factors- reactions ranging from humor to despair to curiosity to anger. 

It is often during the college years that alcohol, drugs and unhealthy behaviors begin to occupy a larger part of our lives- socially, and experientially. It is also often the time when those in recovery from addiction weigh the risk of coming to college, a place that can be a hostile environment to recovery.

The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery is here to help KSU students, faculty, parents, and the community at large gain a better understanding of alcohol and other drugs, addiction and recovery at this critical juncture. Our comprehensive approach has proven very effective in helping students and the community.

  1. The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) – is the peer-driven community of students at KSU who are seeking recovery and participate in recovery support services, self-help, and mutual aid groups.
  2. The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) - A program designed to provide academic, developmental, and recovery supports along with instrumental, functional, and technical assistance for self-identified students in recovery from addiction who access higher education, seek be of service to the greater KSU community, while living a abstinence-based recovery lifestyle.
  3. Education - Promotes a comprehensive alcohol and other drug prevention and education program, addiction and recovery support services along the full continuum of care including; clinical assessment, evaluation, intervention, and referral to treatment, alongside recovery-informed education for the prevention of substance misuse.
  4. Research - Based on collaborative scientific partnerships utilizing interdisciplinary methods of inquiry to advance successful educational and recovery outcomes for the recovery community, while informing a broader understanding of addiction and recovery elements, focused upon the young adult population. Our research efforts are based in the assertion that Collegiate Recovery Programs are an integral part of an optimum continuum of long term recovery supports, and our proximity to successful recovery trajectories uniquely place our research efforts at the forefront of addiction and recovery science. 

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