To schedule an appointment or assistance with a referral to a provider in your area, call 470-578-6600 (Kennesaw Campus) or 678-915-7391 (Marietta Campus).

In light of continued news of oppression and violence both domestically and abroad, CPS would like to reaffirm our role as being a supportive resource to the KSU community. You do not need to identify as a survivor or know a victim of violence to experience the emotional and physical effects of violent action. The impact of violence and oppression can be immediate for some, and for others can not appear until some time has passed. For some, talking about the event, acknowledging the resulting feelings, and focusing on helping others can assist with reducing the negative emotional impact of violence. Talking with a trained helper can also be a useful step in moving through the pain.  

Counseling services are available for all KSU students, and as an office and staff we want you to know that we are committed to affirming diversity and committed to providing nonjudgmental listening and care to all. We also remain available as colleagues to KSU staff and faculty who would benefit from consultation as we all continue the work of supporting one another and growing together.

For both support and/or referral to providers in your area, please contact our offices at 470-578-6600 (Kennesaw) or 678-915-7391 (Marietta), Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. Additionally, many KSU faculty and staff are eligible for free off-campus support through the university’s Employee Assistance Program. Please see below for additional information on how to care for yourself and others:


·         Managing distress in the aftermath of violence